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We’re checking in again with newcomer Havelock, an artist that grew up in the Kent countryside but relocated to a more fulfilling city dwelling in 2016. He found inspiration in the capital city. Enough to produce a stellar debut track titled “Pig Latin” that we introduced to you in Mixtape Sixty Eight not too long ago, take a listen:

Havelock, has just released a second single in the name of “Vacancy” that touches upon the heavy load of work related stress and trying to fit that anomaly in with a more creative environment. Namely his music. He committed to sitting down with producer Oscar Scheller (he also roams under Oscar and is a singer-songwriter from London) and cleverly puts feelings into music here with an eye-opening blend of hip-hop drum breaks and wavy guitars.

When I wrote Vacancy, I worked myself into the ground with waiter work. It was really getting me down because it was hard to fit my music and writing around the need to earn money

explains Havelock.

(Re)-discover his debut track “Pig Latin” if you haven’t heard it yet (below, in PASSPORT section) and make sure you hear the second single “Vacancy” (further up). You won’t regret it. Standby for upcoming new tracks from Havelock has he drops more over the coming weeks.


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