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Having been one of the first music blogs to cover and tagging their “Patagonia” #BESTNEWMUSIC, Patawawa from Matlock, in the UK have since delivered catchy, highly viral and addictive tracks to the world. Having been soundtracked numerous times on popular French daily shows (ie, Quotidien) and named by NME as a band to watch closely. It was no surprise to us they would drop another bedroom disco banger just in time for the heatwave coming for us right about this moment.

They’re back with track “Lie” and follow in the path of their previously successful jams. Light-hearted, highly infectious hooks and melodies you cannot ignore. Add to that winning recipe some of the brightest voices and impressively well-written lyrics and you’ve got a nugget. Dripping in gold. Yet again.

Out via fresh new label COOKIE RECORDS .”LIE” is the first cut off “Crispy Groove”, a new compilation out in its entirety on June 8th. With a track released weekly until then.

On June 15th, Cookie Records will host a massive release party in an outdoor venue of Paris with ALL artists featured on the compilation… Keep an eye out for the event details and venue.

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