Introducing: Naah

From Stockholm in Sweden, here’s 21 year old Naah. A newcomer with a handful of tracks on her Soundcloud profile that deserves some attention. So here we are writing a few words for you and her as she’ll be reading this post. She has no idea, Naah is a loyal reader apparently and sent in a short email presenting her newest track “Sippin (Sky Version)” with C. Gold. A rework of her track “Sippin” that we actually like better in our humble opinion.

Yes. “Sippin (Sky Version)” strips off superficial artefacts, and concentrates on the essentials. A voice, a vocal filter, and a simple beat that kicks in half-way through the acapella. Simplicity is where beauty starts and most often. Limit yourself creatively, and you’ll end up with something just right. Enough to check all the boxes and avoid over-reaching. It’s a principle the White Stripes put to practice in everything they have produced. And it worked wonders. Naah teams up with producer C. Gold on this version and truly hits the nail on the head. Listen below, and check out the special video (above) to illustrate the release…


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Last modified: August 25, 2018

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