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So this post is dedicated to people I really think are talented and deserve a little promotion via my ever so popular blog (ouch!). Maybe one day they’ll thank me for having boosted their career. I can only hope. So far the only thing I have done is annoy them with my OC (Online Credibility).

Jeremy Saint-Peyre is a young amateur photographer. He plans on attenting a french school of photography next year, and I really hope he makes it because dat man got skilllz. The thing he really would like to do is to be a War Reporter. Flick through his flickr account and you’ll understand straight away what his work is about. Here’s a snippet and his face… You can click to enlarge the pictures.

Eiffel Tower & Concorde - Paris, FrancePeople Beabourg - Jeremy Saint-Peyre - Paris

Next one up would totally be Paul Grelet (his book online), an award winning graphist, with a truck load of diplomas backing up his undeniably good pencil/felt skills. Also webdesigner at times, Paul makes the most out of his computer and delivers, sharp, well executed art. He already exhibits part of his work and has worked in renowned companies such as Publicis Drugstore. You have to take a glimpse at his work so far via his website. Here are some examples.

TIG pour 40e - Paul Grelet - graphisteBuster Roger - Paul Grelet - graphiste

So voilà quoi, if any of you happen to be viewing this page and think you have some jobs/opportunities for those two peeps of mine, then don’t hesitate to send me an email and I’ll will Mos Def forward it to them ! Cheers.


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