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The Barber ShopI bet someone before had the same ordeal as I’ve experienced today. I came to the conclusion, this very day, to get my hair trimmed. It was getting on my nerves big time. For common people, making their way to the hairdresser is not a big deal, but I’d rather have my leg swaped than having to face a change of hairdresser. I managed to get myself out of bed to stroll around Satwa (a kinda run-down part of Dubai, right behind the skyscrapers strip on Sheikh Zayed Road). This part of town is home to a lot of Indians and is quite poor in comparison to other parts of Dubai. It’s like walking through the 18th district of Paris after you’ve remained in custody in the 8th for so long, same sort of thing. I was told they had Barber Shops down there and I could get a cut for like 15 Dirhams (2 euros for you europeans). So I went, thinking it was a cheap alternative. Little did I know… I came up to these shops and the look of the haidressers in there just put me off ! It was like I was back in the 1970’s, all of them wearing flares (pattes d’eph) with the most utterly old-school 80’s looking haircuts. It was actually funny to come across something like that. But hell did I not want a Hasselhoff do !Hasselhoff

Next decision was to head to Mall Of The Emirates and crach into Franck Provost (a well known hairdressers in France) branch and get a decent cut there. I was taken care of very quickly… Got soaped and sat in front of the dreaded mirror. I did not open my eyes throughout the whole operation. The guy did it in a few minutes, adjusting here and there, spraying water at times etc. In a matter of minutes, 10 or so, he was done.

Opened my eyes and never saw anything like it. It was actually well cut, against all expectations ! Now I know where I’ll be heading for clippers !

In other brilliant news, way more exciting than my hair drama, can we all make a very warm welcome to Sebastien Davies, proud son of Misses Alethea Davies ! Baby Seb was born on the 13th of May 2008 at around 8.10 am. Congratulations to Thea and wish you happy living together my dear ! She’ll be sending pictures soon so you’ll all see the toddler’s cute face !

  1. pauvre de toi, tu as failli ressembler a james brown!!! show us your new hair cut please! lol

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