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[audio:http://240plan.ovh.net/~redcandy/airboy/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/a-conversation-with-evita.mp3] A conversation with Evita…

Fridays here are like Sunday elsewhere. über-boring. Everything is shut, no one in the city and it’s the only day one can actually enjoy the fact he has a balcony because the noise from Sheikh Zayed Road is reduced by something like 2%. Thankfully enough, Airboy had gone to get is haircut yesterday and swirled round Virgin Megastore for a couple of DVDs. I felt like having good memories back and grabbed the one and only “Michael Jackson Dangerous Tour Live in Bucarest”. Along with “La Haine” and “Redacted”.

Michael Jackson - Live Dangerous Tour, Bucarest - Sodwee Airboy blogAnd boy was I right ! Havign The King Of Pop full blast on our new Surround set was E-P-I-C ! That gig definately goes way up there with the best gig of all time. Those moves man, all you do during the whole show is just stare at those flippin’ magic shoes. Another entertaining side of this DVD is of course the trend at the time, that was 1992, and man they dress like clowns, you know, those horrid jeans, flat caps and those plastic pink sport trousers… Highlight of the concert was most probably “Black Or White” & of course the whole Moonwalk with Billie Jean in the background ! Not only does it put you in a good mood, but straight after the closing song you start trying out those bloody steps without getting there and then you realise every one on Sheikh Zayed can now see you move akwardly because of the see-through window tinting at night ! Shame on me.

I’m about to cook some pasta with Tandoori chicken wings, along with some deliciously home-made Uncle Ben’s pasta sauce, sweet & sour ! Will be flying tomorrow, nothing exciting though, it’s a turnaround to Tehran. My US visa is coming up too, should be exciting because every one from our ABinitio is going there at the same time and we’ll probably organise a lunch or something then ! Can’t wait !

Thanks also to everyone sending those kind emails, I’m thinking of Mat The Flying Kiwi, Raine, Bardia from Aussie Land, Wai-ling, Andre, Aadil, Sonja, Joe, Rima, Charlaine, Eglute, Sandrine, Samantha and others … Keep your comments flying in ! I really appreciate feedback, questions and weird proposals (lol, you know who you are, target someone else!).


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