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I would of given an arm amd a leg (or maybe two) to be part of this picture. This was taken this past weekend during Jay-Z’s set at uber-fest Glastonbury, Amy Winehouse, Jack White & Beyonce TOGETHER, Having the best voice since Joplin, the most talented guitar player of the 21st century and the most beautiful “derrière” in the music industry is just pure fantasy ! What do you think Jack White is up to behind there ???!!!


Anyways, talking rap/hip to the hop, my entire day was spent solving Jay’s ’99 Problems’ and cruising to Don’t Say Nuthin by The Roots [audio:http://240plan.ovh.net/~redcandy/airboy/wp-content/uploads/2008/07/dont-say-nuthin.mp3] . With extreme luck, the sun was out all day, not a cloud in sight nor a parisian. Absolutely fantastic. Riding along river Seine with historic buildings (meaning over 30 year old buildings, unlike some sandpit I know) all the way was refreshing. Not seeing the Beige color, White Range Rovers/Porsche Cayenne’s and being able to do things outside was very relaxing.

Dan Doodles $ Fiona at Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, France

Yesterday was mostly spent in the Luxembourg gardens catching up on the gossip with Dan Doodles and Fiona a.k.a. Mini-Fee. She’d brought beers over and to be honest I felt tipsy after 3 hours in the sun drinking on Heinees. Nonetheless, Doodles and myself thought this wasn’t enough and headed towards a famous watering hole down Bercy Village, a place named “The Frog @ Bercy Village”. They brew they own beer there, but surprisingly after working there for so many years as a barman I opted for Corona & Lime, leaving the ‘Inseine’ beer to the football fans inside. Good laughs. Check out the pictures below, stay tuned more to come !


Tomorrow is hell day, I should be spending a good part of it on the phone pestering Orange (my cellphone provider) sking them to change my Plan because I’m spending a fortune sending text messages around the world, also calling the Court of Justice to solve this driving license kaffuffle I endured a few years back, losing a couple hundred EUROS in the process and finally taking care of the Social Security problem I’m facing : I’m paying this insurance company to get refunds for my medicals/drugs but they haven’t sent a penny through since I signed the contract ! So, yeah beautiful day in perspective… Yeeppeee!

I actually miss flying ! Is that a good or bad sign ? Also, I think this blog is in Portuguese, he has added us to his blogroll and I think we need to do the same even tho I don’t understand a damn thing, looks like he’s digging Emirates !

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