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Fauve (also known as FAUVEcorp) is a collective. A Parisian collective that came together to produce sounds around a same goal : describe their depressive lives. Sounds a little steep, however it sounds bloody awesome. Spoken words for most of their tracks, the band evolves around minimalist pop for the musical part with four different musicians, and a veejay (video DJ) for the cinematographic parallel. All of this comes to life during their concerts. I discovered their work just recently while listening to RadioVNL.fr and catching the band-wagon as they take-off in their young career. FAUVE always make their material available on Facebook so a good thing would be for you to follow their page… Just sayin’. Here are the latest tracks we’ve fallen in love with. It’s fitting for our current mood… make sure to listen/download these little dollops of loveliness :

And do check out their videos, here’s the one for “4000 Iles” :

Follow FAUVE on : Facebook | Youtube | WWW

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