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I was longing some chirpy/happy sounds today. It’s amazingly cold out in Paris (France) at the moment, and warm interiors make for a dull weather low, need to kick-back… Add ‘Paperhearts” to your winter playlist and warm your soul a little. It’s sounds you can play and singalong to. Much happier than Plaid Dragon for instance. The music of The Airplanes is written and recorded by Joshua Vest, a songwriter in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Yes, another band from the States. The Airplanes‘ self-titled EP features a collection of noisy, melodic pop songs. Vest is currently writing and recording material for a second EP which is expected to be released in late 2012 or early 2013… We heart “Paperhearts”, and you should too. This EP was released on 28th of October 2012 :

Launching a DIY promotion endeaveor, The Airplanes have now reached multiple blogs around the world and started getting plays on various FM stations. Goes to show that with a little motivex and a bunch of friends you still can make yourself heard. :

A couple of months ago, this project was launched with a handful of bedroom recordings. Now, those recordings are being played heavily online and on FM stations as far as Alaska and New Zealand. Let’s keep the momentum. At this moment, I am the only member of The Airplanes. I write, record, and promote all of the music by myself. Therefore, I need your help: please PROMOTE The Airplanes. Please take one minute to share these sounds with your friends, a local DJ, a music publication, or your favorite blog. If you have a promotional idea, please post it on my wall. I appreciate your help in getting the music of The Airplanes to as many listeners as possible

Well, Joshua, you can now add a Parisian blog to your promo-pool. SODWEE.com IS ALL IN. Readers, treat yourself to some raw Street-Cred right here !

The Airplanes - music - sodwee.com

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