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In an attempt to educate the masses to good international tunes, to avoid mainstream MTV crap and so much more… With the help of social network FACEBOOK my fellow readers you can spread the love for amazing music by adding the Airboy’s Music Facebook Application which will display a neet MP3 player right in the sidebar of your profile. It won’t clogg it either. And finally you’ll make Airboy very very very happy for sharing your love for good music ! Music will be updated anytime we upload more DOWNLOADABLES to the blog so you don’t have to fret about having the same songs on your profile ! Click on the image below to add this cool app to your profile !

Click here to add Airboy's Music App to your facebook profile

You also probably noticed the player is also here on the blog, you can crank up your soundsystem and enjoy some tunes while you read my uber-fantastic adventures ! yey ! Check it out on the right !

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