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velib by sodwee airboyWriting this piece from somewhere over Bulgaria and as far as internet goes, France and french airports in general are just an utter expensive joke. it’s pay pay pay everywhere for everything ! Coming over I was surprised to find that Dubai International had FREE WIFI. But my hopes went a little overboard with french airports. Searched for a WIFI access here in Roissy and you’ll be shocked at how many there’s available : Not a dozen like many other places but just ONE ! And of course it doesn’t come cheap. It kindly asks you for credit card details and all, but Airboy wasn’t having it that way and scouted around the terminal aimlessly searching for a WIFI hotspot, laptop in the air, swirling around looking very dumb. In vain. I was stuck in that ugly airport without internet. And Airboy without internet for more than 4 hours is just as sad as The Wino not having her morning line! So I decided to do everything offline, which I finally managed to do. In a bolt of genius I copied every link I needed for this post before we left home. Now I can show off my new macbook and play like Execs do… shamefully… muuuuahahahahha.

Ok, alright, I’ve rambled too much about WIFI, let’s move on.

It’s been 12 days now that I’ve landed in the country most well known for it’s cheese and beauuuuuuutiful wine but not for it’s whining cab-drivers and dogpile scattered pavements, nor it’s homegrown scumbags asking for cigarettes every step you take down the road and how annoying American tourists can be on the Metro (they talk really loud, thinking they’re alone in the wagon), but we love you none the less, you actually make us laugh.

I’ve had it all, from Mum pushing me to drink Gin & Tonic for aperos on the balcony with Sharon Jones blaring through the speakers, talking non-sense for hours, to attending a “Summer Of Love 70s” party in a pub downtown with my ex colleagues from FROGPUBS joined by infamous Alex K. (hilarious night by the way). Caught up with a lot of mates, old high school ones especially. Loved it, they haven’t changed since I left 4 months ago. Come back 8 years later they’ll still be there doing the same thing in the same place. French are very immobile jobwise. They fought long enough to work 16 hours a week and have half the year as payed holidays so now they just stay in their position, insuring some sort of income but mainly being on holiday. I don’t understand. Check out all the pictures below for a visual insight of Airboy’s outings.


Otherwise most of my time was spent outside drinking beer, pimping outrageously the automated bike system offered by the ‘Mairie de Paris’. It’s actually a great way to get around Paris. If you ever drop by, please do avoid the tube and get yourself on one of these velibs for the day. Foreign or not, you guys will love it. Get used to parisian road rage and you’re off for a great ride down amazing streets with amazing assets : women (in summer especially) are exquisite. It’s also cheaper than buying a metro ticket… You now have no excuse what-so-EVER.

I’m very happy to have spent some time with Mum, Dad & Nick… They seem really happy, Nicky getting geared up to spend a year out in Sydney/Melbourne by November, so he’s working his ass off in a fast-food restaurant making enough money to live down under. Mum & Dad have shifted gears in holiday making lately. Booking a brilliant tour of Nicaragua and Costa Rica. Now that their favourite sons are not joining them on vacation anymore, they ditched the cheap camping holidays in brittany for some swish ‘eco’ tour of wonderful places. Good for them I say. Nick & myself will organise a stay in Seychelles just to beat them at it !

Flight back to Dub-Dub was a breeze. Big up to that crew, can’t remember your name, but you were at Lima 3. Forgot how warm it was ! Also got my Starwood Preferred Guest membership card. Weird how things go around… Only 5 months ago I was working for them, glad I’m out, enjoying their hospitality !

Anyhow, that’s it from me, stay tuned cause I’m uploading DOWNLOADABLES #50 sometime over the weekend, I promise some old school tunes, some cheese and covers of course. You can’t miss it. Be there or be square !

  1. Hi if you want to get a free wifi acces in roissy charles de gaulle, go to the terminal2 at the train station in the waiting room, you will have the free internet acess 😉

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