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I love SodweeSo I just landed (two hours ago) in Dubai after a hectic trip from Charles De Gaulle airport in Paris. I had spent 4 days with the family for Christmas. 4 days is way too short by the way. Had a cool time though. But wasn’t looking forward to the return leg. Knowing full and well the security screening would be a bitch because of that twat who wanted to blow himself in that American jet. Another great reason for our “very professional” Securitas staff deployed at CDG airport to give some rude orders and bark at the airport customers like cattle. No wonder that place is the most unwelcoming airport in the world. I think it permanently holds that record.

But that was a piece of cake compared to what I had to go through at check-in. It’s all very old-fashioned and unefficient as you can expect from french people. I had booked a firm annual leave ticket for that stretch because I knew full and well how awful the loads were going to be and how suicidal traveling on an Emirates subload ticket would be. Rocked up to check-in and was told to wait until 30 minutes before departure on standby. I graced the check-in agent with a grin smile : “No maam, I’m traveling on a Annual Leave Ticket, meaning I have a seat on this flight, you will not play tricks on me this time!”… She then goes to check with her senior…. Doesn’t say a word, but visibly annoyed, she asks me to weigh the luggage, including the cabin bags. I proceed. “Sir, you have 3 carry-on luggage and one is over the limit of 7 kgs” (as she says that, she pulls one of those “gotcha you little prick” smiles). I, out of extreme politeness, smile back. Keep my cool and say : “Maam, I work with carry-on luggage on a daily basis, I work INSIDE the cabin you’re filling up…where, on a daily basis, I have to lift overweight cabin bags that people like yourself let through without any consideration. I brake my back everyday for mothers who have little kevins in their arms, a huge carry-on and no will to lift the luggage they managed to trail around the whole terminal before boarding the plane. You are not going to tell me you enforce this policy because I will simply not believe a single word you saying”. So if I can carry the 15kgs plus bags you guys let through for us to deal with… This means I can deal with my own crap. These 3 pieces of carry-on luggage ARE coming with me. Thank you very much”.

No answer, instead, a boarding pass with an aisle seat : 25D.

I finally make it home. After the most boring flight ever.

I connect my laptop up and all, get on the portal to check my roster because it’s the 28th and it should be out since the 26th. Not even surprised at this point, I discover Crew Rostering are taking the piss again. It’s the flippin 28th, 3 days away from New Years Eve and I still can’t make any plans WHAT SO EVER because I could be flying on the 1st. It’s digging my head in big time, not only because it’s the end of December and we have things to do (ie getting on with our personal lives), but because it’s not the first time this has happened. In fact it’s been an ongoing joke for the past 5 months. Like a continuous April Fools. And it’s getting very fustrating. As always, crew are getting very creative with their Facebook statuses.

Otherwise that’s it from me at this point. About to hit the sack. I’m knackered.

Peace out fools.

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