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Blog darlings, check. Parisian/French natives, check. And some dope support from producer-DJ-label owner Pedro Winter a.k.a. Busy P, check. Chateau Marmont nail it from the start without even playing a single note. But it truly blossoms when you hit that play button, let me tell you. They caught our attention, burried in hundreds of different tracks we manage to listen every week. These guys made a bright appearance on my shuffle commute playlist (play all songs from iPod randomly that is) and I knew I had to blog about them sooner or later, consider it done. Their debut album “The Maze” is due out early next year. Here’s a good starting point to your liking, “Wargames”:

Chateau Marmont – Wargames [audio:https://sodwee.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/02-Wargames.mp3]

For those in the beautiful French capital in October, they’ll be holding a concert at la Boule Noire on the 10th…

CHATEAU MARMONT ( Chambre404 )
WEDNESDAY 10th of OCTOBER 2012 – 19H30
LA BOULE NOIRE – 120 Boulevard de Rochechouart, Paris 18

DIGITICK : http://bit.ly/PAeHRS
BY THE TALENT BOUTIQUE: http://bit.ly/Hjjqc6

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