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Sodwee : Sodwee.com being based in Paris, in the 19th district… It’s a question we feel we need to ask : Do you live in Paris ? If it is the case, describe your neighborhood and why you love it… Does it influence your productions ? How about playing for a Parisian audience ? Or do you prefer playing elsewhere ? 

Candide : Yes I’ve lived in Paris, my flat was at the Bassin de la Villette. It was magical… Picnics on the quaysides and at the Buttes Chaumont parc, the 104 museum/cultural center right next door. This neighborhood definitely inspired me but I’m not a Parisian anymore, I moved down to Lyon unfortunately. It’s a nice city all together, where I can make music, because I didn’t have any time in Paris, too many things to do, always someone to be seeing. However I don’t necessarily get my inspiration from Lyon. It’s a little too conservative for me. I get it from the USA where I’ve lived for quite some time, Chicago or New Orleans (with that 1940’s feel) or California from the fifties, New York from the sixties is where I draw most of my inspiration and influences from.
CYNT : I lived in Paris until I turned 18, I finally moved to Lyon to pursue education there and that is where I met my other artistic half. I get most of my influences from London,UK, where I lived a few years before going to Paris. It’s a real pool of talent and originality in the british capital, that’s what I truly like about it.

What are the 3 tracks you cannot think of traveling without ?

Candide : Panda Bear “I’m Not”, Laurie Anderson “O Superman”, XTC “Making Plans For Nigel”.
CYNT : Noisette “never Forget you” , Chubby Checker “Twist again” , NERD ” Hypnotyse you” .

Which artist or band have you last seen perform live ? 

Candide : Jack White at Transbordeur in Lyon.
CYNT : Super Camp at Sonic in Lyon

Describe your album / EP quoting 5 locations from Lyon

Candide : Cité Internationale (where we met), Garibaldi-Lafayette (where nearly all of our tracks were composed), Vieux Lyon (where we exposed our fancy footworks, in other words, where we danced), Brotteaux (an intelligent  mix of old and modern ), Part-Dieu ()
CYNT : Ditto.

Which moment of the day is the best to listen to your EP ?

Candide : At wake up, walking in the streets, during lunch break, before going out.
CYNT : During lunch break, while commuting, during a party evening and while making love of course.

The best local kebab you know ?

Candide : I don’t eat Kebabs, I’m gluten intolerant.
CYNT : Le Bodrum, rue de la Madeleine (Lyon).

And a record store ?

Candide : SOFA Records, rue d’Algérie.
CYNT : Same

When are you playing live next ?

Candide : The next time in Paris at Pop’In, the rumor has it….
CYNT : Duh. I’ll be there too. I’m the other half of the band…

Any musical projects in the pipes ? Any nuggets to share ?

Candide et CYNT : A kick arseeeeee’ mixtape (coming soon, VERY SOON) !!! We’ll have it available for download on our Bandcamp profile : http://pearl-harbor.bandcamp.com

Thanks Pearl Harbor, last question … Do you have a musical guilty pleasure ?

Candide : Lana Del Rey “Video Games” (Crap, shameful I know).
CYNT : Frank Ocean “Think about you”
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