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Dug up from the darkness by famous franco-german Trax magazine back in 2008 with the track “Smoke That”, French duo Le Marchand de Sable manages to deliver their own unique and ever so distinguishable sound to the already sharp French electronic scene. After a french tour and a maxi released via UnderCover in 2010. Arnaud and Hugo make a stunning 2012 come-back with “Acid Lake”. An even more mature EP for an ensemble that rather deliver quality over quantity.

Le Marchand De Sable – Acid Lake (John Lord Fonda Edit) [audio:https://sodwee.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/04-Acid-Lake-John-Lord-Fonda-Edit.mp3]

The two original track from the release, “Acid Lake” and “PPP”, show the musical mastership of the duo, brilliantly mixing rich and aerial melodies with powerful progressive techno.

Remixes are always a treat when it comes to Le Marchand de Sable. And “Acid Lake” is no different with a remix by English duo Night Symmetry delivering an intense acid-techno. Also on the remix duty is French producer John Lord Fonda (Citizen). Offering a remarkable old-school edit of “Acid Lake” available here for download, as well as some big room fit remix by Von Don (USA) and Nicolas Chenard (France)

“Acid Lake” will be released digitally via Paranoiak on September 17th 2012. Pre-Order now on iTunes…

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