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If it wasn’t for my brother’s bestie named “Shiny” (self-proclaimed, we did not come up with this nickname), Paris born, but Montreal citizen Señor Salvador would have gone under my radar. With insistance on Romain’s behalf, I get round to listen to a young man’s first ever public production happily named “jajaja pequeño podcast #1” by Señor Salvador. Soon I realize the potential and very simply ask him if he’d be willing to produce a weekly podcast/mixtape/guestmix for Sodwee.com and instantly get the positive response. So today, and for his first ever residency here at Sodwee.com, I present to you, dear reader, Señor Salvador with his weekly jajaja pequeño podcast exclusively for Sodwee.com, it’s total deep-disco-house wonderland. Enjoy, play it friggin’ loud ya’ll :

Here’s the tracklist :

  1. Tigerskin feat_ Lazarusman – The Blackness (Rhadow Meets NTFO Remix)
  2. Louie Fresco – So Good (Original Mix)
  3. Audiojack – Plastic Dreams (20 Year Tribute)
  4. BCR018 – Alex Picone – En Pensant
  5. Tanner Ross – B Side
  6. Oliver S. – Doin’ Ya Thang (Original mix)

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