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Du 4 au 9 Mars, à La Dame de Canton (Paris 13ème)

As a university project from IESA school in Paris, pupils are inviting you to their first KALÉIDOSCOPE FESTIVAL at La Dame de Canton in the 13th district of Paris for a week of great shenanigans and cool music, from the 4th of March to the 9th.

The whole project is not just music. It revolves around a choreographed scenography on the now well known traditional boat that is La Dame De Canton just beneath the French National Library in the heart of the chinese district of Paris.

Around billed artists like FI/SHE/S, Motion Of Hips, Les Mains Sales amongst many other acts, a whole series of projections and live performances from painters will be showcased. They’ll also have Veejays to spice things up and make closure on the events. Check out the line-up for that week long festival :

  • Monday 04/03:           ◈ BASEMENT JAZZ (les mains sales /Sweet Swing Trio) | FB Event
  • Tuesday 05/03:           ◈ CAPTAIN SCAPHANDRE (Motion Of Hips / FI/SHE/S) | FB Event
  • Wednesday 06/03:      ◈ INTIMACY (Mayra & Mister Mow/Live painting by Skull) | FB Event
  • Thursday 07/03:           ◈ VHS PARTY ( Benedicte/ Cathédrale) | FB Event
  • Friday 08/03:      ◈ LE BESTIAIRE ( Carte blanche Hotel Paradoxe Laure Laloy/ Little Ballroom) | FB Event
  • Saturday 09/03 :        ◈ FLASH PARTY (Basile Buisson/ VoPhoniQ) | FB Event

It’s a very eclectic line-up must I say, from jazz, world music, rock and electro music to VJing, Live Painting and video projections it’s gotta be a good week to look for.

Dive in !

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