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Richie Ashwin is a South-East UK recording artist and producer who’s been building a name within British R&B scene, who combines his natural audio skills with a keen visual eye that see’s him shoot and direct his own bespoke music videos.

We digged his sound at first listen. But more specifically these two track, including a Lykke Li co-starring on the very likeable track ‘Until We Bleed’. His new EP is definately worth the spin (listen at the end of the article) :

After some much needed self-reflection and artistic honing over the past 12months Richie Ashwin is now back to introduce to you his fresh, new musical identity. His cinematic ambient take on urban music is pieced together with traditional, yet idiosyncratic tales of dreams, love, lust and heartbreak are delivered in his indolent and sharply written style that won’t go unnoticed in 2013.

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