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Teen Commandments - Secret Lives Of Voyeurs - sodwee.comTeen Commandments‘s “Secret Lives Of Voyeurs” is the latest electro/disco dollop they’ve got for our hungry hearts… It’s right up their usual alley, of course, with synths, pop drums and all the teen-core lyrics you would expect from Brett, Nick, Van and Craig who all happen to dwell in Williamsburg, World (that’s how they like to situate themselves, but really what they mean is New York City).

“Secret Lives Of Voyeurs” is a brilliantly positive combination between the old-school new-wave my folk love to hate – but secretly love – and the happier, modern take on fairly recent bands like Future Islands. Add to the mix that little tortured tingle that will not leave any un-phased and you got the perfect tune for a perfect garden party, rooftop “apéro” or a late night full blown gig in a packed venue.

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The gang is always down for a fun tweet or two, so we can only recommend you start following them. Also, give a listen, and buy their previous single “American Special” below…

A synth-pop meditation on mediocrity in America, or wherever. – Brett Moses.

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