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From Paris, France. Here’s a little electronic act that may own the Parisian music scene sooner rather than later with a different approach. It’s fresh, thinks out of the box and delivers stunning tracks. Like this rendition of Julien Clerc’s “La Californie” (an ageing, albeit very popular French singer-songwriter).

Bois Noirs describe themselves as a hotwave music trio family. Three members, they’ve been around since 2012, and already released a single called “Break Up Today” closely followed by their “Cats & Dogs” EP to a local critical acclaim. They draw their influences and inspirations from french and international artists such as Serge Gainsbourg, LCD Soundsytem,
Patti Smith, John Talabot, Joy Division, Darkside, Velvet Underground and The Knife. Very eclectic trio ! Listen to their latest track “La Californie” below, the song was originally written and composed by Étienne Roda-Gil along with Julien Clerc in 1969. Band members are : Emilie Wild, Serge and Apollo Noir.

[title subtitle=”by Bois Noirs “]La Californie[/title]

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