Sundaze #107 – Art by Paul Grelet

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Hola Dudes, Dudettes! We’re happy to share Sundaze Playlist #107 with you today. It’s chocka with amazing tracks. We’ve made sure this week to focus on new tracks, so you have plenty to discover. Sixteen mind-blowing, stomach-churning tunes you really need to be downloading ASAP.

Thanks to Paul Grelet for delivering a hair-rising artwork for us. After a discussion on why partners always think that we look very ugly as soon as we get back from the barbershop / hairdresser’s… Late night it was. Late night. Anyway thanks buddy you rock as always ! Please make sure you add his website to your favorite :

In other news we now have a full working profile over at The Hype Machine and we’d be extremely happy if you could follow us there too. Helps the artists get discovered and climb that Hype chart …

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by Paul Grelet

Sundaze #107


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Last modified: October 6, 2014

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