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List five new / up-and-coming acts (artists or bands) that you think deserve more exposure. Brownie Points if they are from your area !

Fourth band in our series are Camp Claude, led by ex-photographer turned singer Diane who took the challenge on behalf of her band .

Camp Claude live @ Trianon / Sat 27th September

Camp Claude was born in Paris and refers to summer camps and the melting pot of the formation, a band of three going beyond your normal idea of a Parisian trio getting together to make music. With Mike Giffts and Leo Hellden, lead singer Diane Sagnier drops seriously infectious tunes as per the two we’ve added below for your own enjoyment. In an impressive synergy, the three members write and arrange songs between France, the United States, the United Kingdom and Sweden making for an interesting beat versus vocal clash. They finally gave birth to their debut EP “Hurricanes” on the 22nd of August 2014 and celebrated with their fans at Rock En Seine for a packed show in a tiny tent/marquee. Their debut album is also in sight for the months to come. Stay tuned.

Diane has kindly responded to the one simple question… It’s her turn to name drop the bands she’s currently listening to in this new installment of >TRCKD (tracked).

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[title maintitle=”CAMP CLAUDE // ROCK EN SEINE” subtitle=”photos by Sophie Jarry”]

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