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Lion Babe are back ! They sprung onto the New York scene, close to two years ago when they released “Treat Me Like Fire” on the internet. They took the then Xmas crowd by storm and went on to global radio playlisting after being posted on EVERY existing blog, from Monrovia to Los Angeles, Paris to Beijing, and Reykjavik down to Cape Town. Every single blog saw the immense potential in both Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman. The two talented souls behind the project

With that sudden fame comes responsibility to deliver the next time around. So they went on what seemed like a forever lasting hiatus, working, crafting some new tunes. And with the notoriety they gathered with their only track to date (namely “Treat Me Like Fire”) the American delightful duo thought long and well of how to come back in the best way possible. And pairing up with no other than Childish Gambino for their second release ever wasn’t done out of the blue.

Lion Babe have successfully managed to raise the bar up to par with their ambitious first offering. However “Jump Hi” needs a spin or two from you to be fully appreciated. But enough ramble, here’s the track you’ve all been waiting for. Spin that track above…


Also, Listen to their silky smooth debut single ‘Treat Me Like Fire’ below, and read the INTRODUCING post we did back then :

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