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Already around with a few tracks and an EP last year in collaboration with producer GXNXVS, Cviro sprung on Vanessa Elisha’s radar (Brother / Sister thang ??) yesterday with the track “Benjamins” and she rightfully proceeded to share the good stuff with the rest of her followers (including me that is) on Facebook and Twitter.

Cviro is from Australia, like Vanessa and the producer behind all of his productions, and today graces us with his latest song : “Benjamins”. A perfectly balanced track, halfway between the kind of R&B we definitely love around Sodwee HQ, soulful lyrics, mixed with precisely layered Soulection-esque instrumentals. No wonder, with that in mind, that Ta-Ku kindly remixed one of the tracks on the previous ‘Elevation’ EP which is quite astounding by the way, take the time to listen, you will not regret it.

But we’re here for what’s coming next. Expect some rather impressive effort from the pair and some high-flying collaboration’s. Plenty to munch on during the lonesome winter days you’re about to go through. Whether you hate winter months like I do or because you’ve gone through a breakup… It’s bound to get better as soon as you spin these tracks. You’ll be taken in an organic voyage of some unreal underwater paradise. That’s how I felt his Elevation EP and the side remixes. The latest “Benjamins” tracks suggest a more vocal / soul orientation to the upcoming record. We could be wrong…

In any case, give Cviro‘s discography a listen and leave your impressions in the comment section below, we’d love your input…

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