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Hey Peeps. WOW. I never felt so out of sync in a long time. Been struggling with internet lately. So sorry to all the people submitting but didn’t get a speedy reply as of yet. I promise, I will get back to you as soon as I get through the pile of emails I have to answer…

Anyway, here to talk about a favorite new duo of mine lately. The all too elusive twin-brother duo from London called FORMATION. They have now a fully functioning Soundcloud profile with ACTUAL tracks on it ! That’ll will definitely help towards getting some long
they had previously triggered but failed to maintain due to take-downs (on youtube) and what-not.

Today however, we’re graced with the wonders of their new track “Back Then”. A dancefloor ready, afternoon belter that’s quite possibly the best DFA-esque, old ESG-era induced track from them in a few months. The addictive aura of the track will get you dancing in no time, sometimes reminiscing of the golden era of the Wigan Casino and the greatest Northern Soul straight from the 60s/70s.

The pair keeps it modern, though, with great attitude. Listen to “Young Ones” (below)… And “Back Then” (above).

They’ll be releasing their debut EP ‘Young Ones’ on March 23rd via Meno Records.

And because surprises don’t come in pairs, but rather in Threes. FORMATION will also be on the road to support this debut EP. And lo and behold, will be performing in Paris, on the 26th of March 2015 at the Point Ephémère ! Get your tickets from : www.frmtn.com

You can pre-order their EP now in vinyl and digital format :

[button content=”iTunes” color=”gray” text=”black” url=”http://smarturl.it/YO_EPi” openin=”_blank”] [button content=”Vinyl” color=”gray” text=”black” url=”http://smarturl.it/YO_EP” openin=”_blank”]

[title maintitle=”TRACKLISTING” subtitle=”‘Young Ones’ EP”]

  1. Young Ones
  2. Take it All Away
  3. No Great Change
  4. Back Then

 Follow FORMATION on : Instagram | Soundcloud | Youtube

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