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It has been weeks in the making, being kept secret and from preying eyes of the public. But humanhuman has partnered with Sodwee.com to sit down with Lilla Vargen for her exclusive FIRST interview ever. You’re probably wondering what HumanHuman is ? Well, humanhuman is a community of music blogs (some are considered very influent in the industry) and enthusiasts coming together to discover, discuss and agree on the next big thing in music.

After uploading her first track “This Is Love” to her Soundcloud profile only two month ago. Lilla‘s sole song, to date, as racked up a staggering 20,000 plus plays. Music blogs around the world went bezerck for her debut track and agreed upwards of 22 times (by humanhuman standards this is a high score). Lilla Vargen was so kind, to also take a few pictures from her surroundings in Northern Ireland to illustrate the words you’re about to read. Lilla sat down with Hannah to talk music, inspirations, Irish beaches, and what’s to come in her career. Go forth and read on after the jump ![separator type=”space”]

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Interview by Hannah Thacker for humanhuman. Picture by Lilla Vargen

Hannah: So, Lilla how does it feel to have your music out there?

Lilla: It feels great first of all, that’s a bit of a ridiculous response… but it feels great, but also scary. The response has been really good, and I feel really positive about it.

What inspired you to go public in the first place?

Well, I guess, I’ve been writing stuff for such a long time, and then it was a case of, you know, things happen in your life and you question whether or not you should pursue something that you’re really passionate about or if you should just forget about it. I just thought, if there’s any time, then now is the time to do it, so that’s why I decided to put it out there.

And you contacted all the music blogs yourself, didn’t you?

Yeah well, it was between myself and Josh, obviously. It was great to have the help there.

The impression that you’ve given so far with the limited biography and one song is that you’re quite a reserved individual. Would you say that’s true in reality or is that just the way you’re approaching your career?

I guess, I think it was the way to approach this. I would say in certain settings I am quite reserved, but with the music being so personal, I think it was the right way for me to do it, and I wouldn’t change that. I think that because you’re giving so much away with the songs, or in this case the one song, I think that was the right thing to do. Of course, it makes people wonder, why is she doing this? why is this happening? and I don’t think that’s a bad thing either.

Obviously, you’ve got your one public song, “This Is Love”, what was the writing process behind that like?

It was really strange. Sometimes you just sit down and it kind of happens, and that’s exactly what happened with that. It was within, maybe, about ten minutes. I just felt a certain way, and it just kind of happened. Other things you’ll have to work on and come back to and try and do something else with it to try and make it more complex, to try and make it sound a certain way. With that song, it just happened very fast and was very fluid – it felt natural. It just kept it the way it was originally done.

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I’d like to extend my thanks to the editorial team behind the interview : Hannah Thacker & Senne Van Den Bogaert and Lilla Vargen those wonderful pictures.

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