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Hey people, we’ll shift aside and shuffle things up for a moment here. We’ve been sent this brilliant summer jam and clear anthemic track that is pretty sure to make sunburns that much less of an issue for those who plan on giving all their shiny moves a spin during the summer holidays this year.

Wayward, are two young producers from London via Leeds, United Kingdom planning to take over the dance-floors with this great record that recalls the early 2000’s and Fatboy Slim’s Brighton Beach mammoth party and smileys all around town kind of atmosphere. With soulful, balearic vibes and the deck-ready anthem of the chorus to help them achieve just that it’s no surprise these two will get people moving over the summer season. Just like they have already managed to do for the first half of the year, playing some major festivals and shows across the US and Europe. “I can’t Dance” is the first extract taken from their forthcoming EP, “Embroider” self-released very soon on their very own Tropics Records. A single that you will spin on repeat a number of times if a joyful dancy number doesn’t scare you in the first place.

Taken from our second EP, Embroider. Forthcoming on Tropics Records.

You broke my heart
Because I couldn’t dance
You didn’t even want me around
And now I’m back
To let you know…


[title maintitle=”Passport” subtitle=”Other noteworthy tracks from Wayward.”]

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