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Hey there. Just back from a screening of episode 09 of Game Of Thrones, and couldn’t stop but laugh at the dragon-burlesque unfolding before my sorry eyes. Had a good ol’ throwback to the “Never Ending Story” when the Queen finally dompts the flying creature, you know what I’m talking about : “Atreyuuuuuuuuuuuu, Aaaaatreyuuuuuuu”… You get my drift.

Anyway, I’m not here to serve some half-baked Game Of Thrones rants, but rather, here to share some really fresh music with you in the name of LAAKE. From my very own citayh : Paris, France. Thanks to The Undscvrd for pointing us over to this talented frenchman. France sure holds some fine artists these days.

LAAKE churns out some pretty damn delicious vibes. Somber in style, airy in allure. Not shy to turn into a primitive and sharp when the piano shows up for battle, fighting for legitimacy against strong machine led elements and an army of synth-lines with impeccable melody.

Raphaël Beau has dropped his first EP “69” less than a month ago and is fast becoming one of our favourite new talent to emerge from the City Of Lights. (listen below).

[title maintitle=”LAAKE – 69 (Sixty Nine) EP” subtitle=”play / listen now”]

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