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Chiefs makes quite a splash in this constant stream of new music we’re getting as part of the following weeks’ releases. At first we weren’t impressed, thinking we had got another emotionless trap/EDM track but the song quickly grew on us. And that’s usually a fair indication of quality. Because there’s so much EDM out there along with those useless drops we quickly like to strike through the name and pass to the next discovery we’ve been sent. However some days you find yourself listening to the whole Soundcloud profile of said artist. That is exactly what happened to us with Chiefs last week.

The rising Melbourne-based, Australian producer as already seen himself remixing genre heavyweights such as Ta-Ku, Crooked Colours amongst others, and putting a mammoth Drake mixtape online. Sione Sisifa likes to put his detailed production in his compositions. For our great listening pleasure.

This time, he drops the darker side of his creativity with “Demon” featuring Beayz, revealing some quality songwriting capabilities and an ear for anthemic vocals thanks to his side-kick friend Beayz, from Sydney. She really stands out and shines throughout the whole track.

Chiefs releases ‘Demon featuring Beayz’ today.

Sione Sisifa also known as Chiefs describes the latest addition to his already expansive discography…

’Demon’ is easily the darkest in the latest collection of music I’ve been working on and it’s about the basic idea of internal conflict that we battle with inside ourselves or worse against others. We see it constantly plastered on our media feeds as religiously motivated but in most cases it’s really the power hungry political fuck heads who kill it for us all. This is my first real attempt at song writing and I wanted to say something that challenges people to think about what they believe…

[title maintitle=”Passport” subtitle=”Other tracks by Chiefs”]

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