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Lilla Vargen sounds ever so humble and calm, but rest assured, she is destined for great success if she keep her output all the way through. And we cannot help but think, that by the end of 2015, she’ll have wowed over a few of the big fishes in the pond. So follow her on the social platforms, as a sign of support and a way of getting updates from her. And of course, spin “This Is Love” (below)…

That’s how we ended our little introducing article about that very fresh Belfast hailing artist. Lilla Vargen is in the process of putting together songs by the sounds of things. As well as getting ready for her first ever (intimate) show on June 6th in Belfast.

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Listen to her latest track she just dropped a few minutes ago on her Soundcloud profile. “Don’t Forget Me” is another true testimony to Lilla‘s ability to captivate her audience with the only magic emanating from her voice and the simple piano approach. You can expect more songs built this way in the future.

We cannot wait to see Lilla Vargen rise now. It’s been too long of a wait. She’s has plans for this year and we’re excited to say the least. Read more about her in the exclusive interview she gave us and HumanHuman.com a few days back…

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