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We’re very happy to finally say that Camel Power Club is back in full swing and with a brand new track in collaboration with Fellini Félin.


The french duo from Bordeaux is back with a summer feel good anthem like they have been mastering earlier in the year and only they can deliver. Specifically with the track “Laïka” (listen in Passport) and to have witnessed the amazing reception by the blogging community and media at large, I couldn’t let this opportunity slip away with “Money Can’t Lie”. Letting the thirty-odd kids off for recreation, and focusing on a jam with Fellini Félin the pair manage to deliver a strong contender to the best start to an otherwise uneventful first day of June. Sprinkle a few swear words for good measure, and the beach groove will ring so dope.

Enjoy and follow both bands/artists at their respective online profiles to stay updated !

[title maintitle=”Passport” subtitle=”Noteworthy tracks from both bands…”]

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