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In San Francisco the fog has a name, Karl. If the lovely mist in England had a name, it may be named Emlyn. Like the vision of clouds softly rolling, here’s a musician with a sound so distinctively ethereal that it’s like floating down the Milky Way right into another dimension. Emlyn‘s echoey soft sound is almost naturally ASMR-inducing. For those who haven’t heard of autonomous sensory meridian response, it’s a perceptual sensation of a pleasurable tingle in the head, scalp or back, a kind of feeling you want to have during the most perfect day of your life.

Somehow Emyln‘s slipped way too far under music radar this year. His demo track “Lucid” provides a solid introduction to the ambient-heaven he has mastered. “Ritual” has been remixed by Henry Green, who Sodwee introduced earlier this May, and after listening to the original, it’s evident Henry Green was really inspired. Emlyn‘s first EP “Etherealism” is ambiance heaven for a coffee shop, rainy or relaxing kind of day. Listen below and then head to his SoundCloud, because there’s more there to soothe you.

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