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Frauds first approached us with their latest track “Playelle” a few weeks ago and wanted us to take a listen. So we did, and got hooked straight away. This French trio, made of Anais, Anthony and Stan hails from the capital city Paris, where they first met in 2014 and started a new venture called Frauds.

The outfit is influenced by FOALS, Daughter, Moderat, CHVRCHES, to name just a few. Their sound is cleverly forged on a true balancing act of electronic elements, clashing with the more traditional and organic soundscapes to create the perfect blend of melancholia driven vocals and groove laden beats that would shake any remaining dust on any of their memories.

The trio works on songwriting and production together as a well put together team. And it shines through the only two tracks they’ve made available on Soundcloud so far. Take a listen to “Playelle”, enjoy those towering, soars of vocals and synths then indulge in that great cover of FOALS’ hit “Spanish Sahara” to comprehend the full scope of their art.

Destructive passion and fear of failure are recurring themes in their tracks. The band goes forth with only one rule in mind: writing songs with raw, genuine emotions and they’ll be noticed, followed and adored. And we think it’s a brilliant approach.

We have good faith Frauds will make big waves on the local scene, and we hope they do get noticed outside our borders too. Because we absolutely love their tracks, and would totally vouch for these guys. There’s also a good chance you like their music too. So get ahead of the curve, follow their socials and share this post around to your friends it would be foolish not to.

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