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Have you noticed how the quietest hour is the loudest? The silence creeps up on you unexpectedly right as you’re about to sleep. The bed under you disappears and you feel yourself falling like Alice down the rabbit hole when the one thought you’ve been avoiding all day finds life. It’s the loudest though you ever had, and everything comes falling out of your mind in the form of a landslide. Sleep runs and suddenly the bed you’ve always slept on become too big. Your body is cold under the covers. That empty space you reach out for once fit someone else and — What they’re up to now?

Now the glow of your phone is keeping you awake as you scroll through histories that only make you ache. You want to go to bed, but its already 4am.

If you’re one of the lucky ones who have never tossed and turned over a broken heart, then 4am‘s latest song will show you exactly how it feels. “Yearning & Calling” starts melodically slow before rushing into an urgency of feelings that have you wishing for the past. 4am tagged this song #intimate-dance on their Soundcloud, but can you dance with a ghost?

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