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Deep Dark Blue drops new single “Been Here Once Before” and all your weekend party excuses just got better. With what sounds like a very european take on indie house music with great orchestration and a vocal hook to die for. Not to mention the brilliant guitar soaring throughout the song, we have the perfect sundowner soundtrack of the summer here. Lex Low already introduced the band to us with the premiere of Atoms a few weeks back… We were already eager to get our hands on more. This day has come.

It is highly infectious, every element adds to the overall value, and never overshadows the rest either making the track that much more effective as a result. You’ll probably hear some similarities with M83’s ‘Couleurs’ (watch here, particularly from the 1:50 mark and that unclassifiable footwork by the guitarist) hit track and the percussive line here transposed in the xylophone’s beat… Listen and indulge to the latest electronic masterpiece by Los Angeles duo Deep Dark Blue:

[title maintitle=”PASSPORT” subtitle=”Previous material by Deep Dark Blue”]

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