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You never really cared for me though I try to walk away how the pain it grows You never really cared for me I can see it in your eyes, see it in your eyes

Mirror Signal is the moniker of twenty-something year old Steven Barker, a singer songwriter and producer from Suffolk in the United Kingdom. Wonderfully crafted songs and soulful layering are trade mark and signature. He’s been around for sometime and a staple in our library and multiple playlists here at Sodwee.com headquarters.

Today Mirror Signal‘s new single ‘Try’ just dropped on the soundclouds and his upcoming four track EP ‘Is It Only Me’ is due to drop in the first few days of September (2nd to be complete). It’s another great tune by the British producer. A track dripping with soothing soulfulness and electric sweetness and plenty of reverberating soundscapes for those in dire need for some rather dope Summer Soundtrack awesomeness. Listen instead :


Mirror Signal‘s music is a modern take on classic soul music with the greatest ingredients this day and age can infuse, the lad has often been compared to contemporaries like James Blake, Jai Paul, Jamie Woon or Sampha by critics and we cannot deny the talent… Listen to previous tracks in the Passport section…

[title maintitle=”PASSPORT” subtitle=”Listent to previous material by Mirror Signal”]

Pre-order ‘Is It Only Me’ EP here on iTunes

Follow Mirror Signal on : Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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