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Lunacre - Schtum EP artwork, album art - Sodwee.comYou know you’ve come across a special band, track when your mind stumbles as the track start playing out of the blue in the middle of given queue of submissions. It stumbles because it either resembles something you’ve already heard or simply because the sound is very strikingly new to your ear. That’s exactly what happened with Lunacre over the past weekend. First with their track “Schtum” released a few weeks back and at the beginning of the week, yet again, when the quintet announced the release of the second single “[Re]Cycle” ahead of the release of the new EP ‘Schtum’ on 14th of October.

Lunacre formed in 2015 in the city of Cambridge in the UK and went on to release their debut EP “Troupe” to critical acclaim across industry leaders and tastemakers alike. After the early departure of guitarist Sam Johnstone and subsequent arrival of Scott Nelson… A few month of adjustments and bonding time were needed for the band to fully gel and charge on to deliver a concise body of work with this new EP “Schtum”.

‘[Re]Cycle’ begins with a haunting vocal that dances atop an sequenced soundscape, before the drums set a somewhat foreboding pulse, gradually creeping out from the darkness to evolve into a climactic finale.

Make absolutely sure you follow the band Lunacre as they’re set to really take-off this fall, all of their socials are listen at the end of the article, do not hesitate, they’re going to be on everyone’s lips before you even blinked twice…

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