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Following his glorious debut Sweet Disarray in 2014, Dan Croll is back at it again. Second album Emerging Adulthood is due for release in July. ‘Bad Boy’ is a three and a half minute indie pop dream. It’s about that bad boy fantasy that everyone encounters at some point in their life, whether it be to have a bad boy or to be one.

Dan Croll truly masters it all, his singer/songwriter roots show in craftsmanship behind the lyrics that just roll off the tongue. His pop sensibility within the indie genre is second to none, cleverly weaving his riffs between glistening pop synths over an up-tempo beat. The way these elements come together so clearly creates just straight euphoria; this is a song for singing along to on those long summer days.

The man himself, Dan Croll has talked about the song and it’s origins a lot, this is what he has to say “I’m not sure what it says about the state of my mind, but maybe there are bits that are borderline psychotic. I’ve never wanted to stick to one genre. It’s either because I’m easily distracted or because my mum brought me up on brass bands, Brian Wilson, jazz and Michael Jackson. I can’t see the fun in sticking to one sound.

On it’s meaning he says “what seemed to be a common phase of teenage life where either the girls wanted the stereotypical bad boy, or the guys tried to become the stereotypical bad boy, and how at the end of the day it all came down to a lack in confidence and usually ended in tears.”

Be sure to give the song a listen yourself and head over to his website as he’s got a string of festival dates on the calendar as well as a North American tour.

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