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Winter is in full swing in the northern hemisphere by now. With cold temperatures keeping our lips dry and the cold biting wind peeling our skin off by the minute. That’s where Klune newest track ‘Nocturnal’ is best heard. On ones commute home, in the coldest of weather, in an empty street surrounded by the uninviting darkness before getting to your cosy dwelling.

The band Klune comes from the northern parts of Italy, from Padova close to Venice in fact. Where it’s cold in the winter, so it’s no surprise they sound as good in that weather. Band members Giovanni Solimeno, on vocals, Alberto Pagnin as a producer and Giulio Abatangelo on guitar. The italian trio produces electronically driven music that recalls the likes of Tender (the uk band everyone is raving about at the moment). With a previous track named “Sun” already released, the trio have now signed with Factory Flaws, the italian bred record label led by Marco, Mattia whom spearheaded the fantastic Going Solo music blog and are our dear friends.

Their debut album is slated to drop in 2018 and we invite you to listen to the 2nd single ‘Nocturnal’ off the yet untitled LP. Speaking about that particular track, the band says:

As the title suggest, ‘Nocturnal’ is one of the representation of the LP’s main theme: night. But it’s not something for the dance floor. It’s the soundtrack to play when you’re walking home, alone, surrounded by darkness, caressed by cold street lights.

‘Nocturnal’ will be released on December 1st, 2017 via Factory Flaws.

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