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[dropcap letter=”F”]or listeners who have been on the search for a seamless musical transition between folk and electronic, there’s Antony Left. His spacial song “Empire” is particularly entrancing with its audio mix from one of his live shows. It starts with an almost shy Left introducing his song before slowly grooving into a deep rhythm. The bass is on-point when it comes to carrying the song’s lyrical empowerment, and its pretty clear that Antony Left is incredibly talented. His cry at the end “Is any of you even listening her? For fuck’s sake…” does a pretty good job of encapsulating the mystery behind Left‘s undeserved obscurity too.

What’s more exciting about this musical discovery is how skilled Antony Left is. Many folks tend mesh genres, but Left has proven he can do genres. Left‘s “Young Souls” is reminiscent of indie powerhouses Ben Howard and Daughter. This is the kind of talent that’s too good to be pigeon-holed into only one genre.



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