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[dropcap letter=”E”]ver been so in love that nothing felt like a sacrifice? Sink deep into the memories of when giving and joy had both correlation and causation, and welcome to GARREN‘s audio honeymoon. “Give You Everything” is both easy morning listening and a sharp wake-up call to ditch beating around the bush. Dance. Kiss the girl or boy. Risk everything in return for the highlights and an experience that’ll holds the return ticket to cloud nine.

Inspired by artists like James Blake (and with a hint of Cashmere Cat‘s ecstatic synths), GARREN is astronomically good with creating spacial noise and letting the listener’s emotion do the interpretation. From synthetic to instrumental, his sonic sounds echo his fascinating rise as a music producer: In 2014, a producer stole GARREN‘s songs as his own. It was in the ironic process of having to claim his work that GARREN went from less than 100 followers to well-deserved recognition (read more at dailycal.org). And like his song progressions, GARREN is on a rollercoaster that only goes up.

pst – Throwing in GARREN‘s remix of Sunday Candy. Because.


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