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Having kept a close eye on BEFFROI from the previous single “Jade”. It was only natural for us to follow up on their amazing output. This time the Belgian duo made up of Rori and Valentin, both in their twenties, asked local rapper Dvtch Norris to feature on the track “95-96”. It’s a dark electropop driven number with a crazy end waiting to be unleashed. As if you were agitating a tasty chunk of meat at caged lion. It’s a bomb waiting to go off with a sleek vocal overlay by Rori.

Valentin explains:

It’s the story of being in your twenties in 2017. Torn between teen and adult life not knowing where the hell you belong in this world. It’s about the challenges our generation faces today

The video (above) was beautifully directed by Romain Choay and here’s what he has to say about it:

The track has a very strong relationship with water for me, it conjured the notion of drowning, literally but also figuratively. Sort of an odd to those who are distressed and who wish to break free from it. I devised these three stories of kids, all struggling with something different at the same exact time, and who are bound by their malaise.

Make sure you listen to the previous track “Jade” and follow Rori and Valentin aka BEFFROI as they take down borders and make a name for themselves across continents… Listen to “95-96” featuring DVTCH NORRIS, whom we just discovered today and deserves a whole article too:

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