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Randomly started rummaging through Soundcloud’s endless and limitless array of tracks and hopped from one account to the other until I stumbled across this beauty by Copenhagen based singer and songwriter Penny Police of which I’d never heard before. Blessed with a pristine voice, Penny Police aka Marie Fjeldsted penned the perfect track titled “Train Talk (Don’t Ask Me About Love) and released it earlier today. A slow moving, full groovin’ number with simple yet super effective electronic instrumentals and of course that one of a kind voice.

This artist will bring comparisons to Agnes Obel and Emiliana Torrini and has already secured major lineup Street-Credibility at local, glocal festival like SPOT and Iceland Airwaves. Don’t be surprised to hear/see her music across international borders very soon as she hopefully embarks on her tour. She has already released an album and a few EP’s. But she will truly make waves with the upcoming material we feel. Music that has been nurtured and nursed to maturity is always the best.

Listen to our favourite and #BESTNEWMUSIC named track below… And don’t forget to follow her musings via her socials, all the link further down…

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