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Jack White is back full throttle with the first ‘real’ full length track since going on a hiatus aside from the teaser trailer of the upcoming album he posted at the end of December last year that was called “Servings and Portions from my Boarding House Reach” and caused quite a ruckus in the fan circles as you’d expect. With plenty of cryptic messages here and there to be read. We especially liked the visual details and nod he gives to the French language in his self-directed video (see further down) (Vache, Chèvre, Papillon etc).

Today though, the rock’n’roll Don himself releases a brand new, freshly baked ballad titled “Connected By Love” with a wonderful female featuring to boot. In true Jack White custom, this will be the only track on the album that boasts the word “Love” in the title. It’s a two decade old habit he has. Since the White Stripes era in fact.

You really can’t teach an old dog new tricks is the impression I get when dealing with Jack White.

Anyway, take a deep breath and listen to Jack White‘s brand new single “Connected By Love” right here with the b-side “Respect Commander”:

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