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Superheart is back in great style with a hot new track titled ‘Never Again’. The quiet and mysterious producer delivers a summer synth soaring number and a brilliantly anthemic banger. Coupled with a nostalgic dance arcade game video that completes the perfect throw-back to the that cherished early 2000’s era.

‘Never Again’ has been picked up worldwide by music blogs and tastemakers alike for its synth driven tracks and new futuristic direction announces great things to come.

Superheart says of the track :

This is the moment the seatbelt came off and I flew into space. This is a song for jumping over buildings in your sleep and facing your biggest fears. And dancing.

The sharp vocals layered over a minimalist backdrop provide the great sounding balance we needed this weekend for a true banger. Listen instead below, and try your dancing skills at the video above…

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