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Clouds are far away. I am even further says Quentin, a young 22 year old producer from Annexcy, France but based in Paris. He is the sole member of Island Kizhi. Self-taught from the beginning, he used to roam in rock’n’roll bands before going solo, and releasing his first EP amongst his entourage. He finally decided to take the big leap and publish his latest two Eps publicly on social platforms after being encouraged by said friends. And rightly so, Island Kizhi‘s “RUBY” is a beautiful 7 track EP that will satisfy your every Sunday Chillout needs. Unwind in the thick of it, with influences as various as MGMT, Empire Of The Sun or Caandides and generally emcompassing the latest trend that French up & coming bands and fans alike loath so much : Tropical Pop … Download “RUBY” EP below for free :

Island Kizhi is currently based in and around Paris, but originally hails from Annecy, in eastern France. Makes dreamy tropical-pop and makes it alone. We have to give props for the chirpy tracks “Pyramids” and “Sunday” that we will surely feature in the next Sundaze Playlist too. So stay tuned, and keep your eyes peeled for this act.

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