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Fresh off the release of his latest track ‘Purity’. Parisian-born Island Kizhi also known as Quentin in real life is just around the corner from hitting the main stage. After a first few live shows and the his amazing ‘Ruby’ EP previously covered here at Sodwee.com, the young indie-pop wizkid is back after spending most of the summer break sweating over some new material for his debut album due out next winter. ‘Purity’ is his latest teaser track. To help him achieve just that in front of the perfect audience, the great folks at Le Paris Paris Club (shoutout Mériam) are throwing a gig for him on the Saturday, September 7th 2013. Gig starts at 9.30pm. Join the Facebook Event :

Island Kizhi @ Le ParisParisClub

We have a pair of tickets for you (1×2) ! Send your details and we’ll randomly pick a lucky winner…


We have picked a winner. We’ll get in touch via email… In the meantime please do listen to these two beautiful tracks :

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