Introducing : Coksinelle [ aka CKSNL ]

After being sent this little funky tune by Coksinelle via the contact page of I went on and dug a little more and wasn’t disappointed at all, actually had a throwback at times when you need some cool poolside tunes for a tanning session with friends, or simply some Daytime Disco to soundtrack an afternoon by the beach, Coksinelle will cover your needs. I Found the Soundcloud page with what appears to be a 1 year old EP called “TELECLUB” of which you can download the entirety below. It’s mature french touch sound with a Justice feel at times, it’s pretty obvious these two have talent, check for yourself, give those tunes a spin :

TELECLUB EP (Free Download) :

  1. Coksinelle – Telephase [audio:]
  2. Coksinelle – Teleflash [audio:]
  3. Coksinelle – Teleclub [audio:]
  4. Coksinelle – Telerotisme [audio:]
  5. Coksinelle – Tele 90 [audio:]

ORLANDO EP (coming soon) :

Premier Extrait : “Santa Barbara”


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