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It’s been four years since DENA dropped her debut album “Flash” on the masses. The Berlin-based Bulgarian singer-songwriter is back this summer with a bunch of summer earworms and fruity collaborations with some of her favourite artists out there including but not limited to Sean Nicholas Savage and Eyedress.

The new album is titled “If It’s Written” after a Bulgarian proverb («If it’s written in the stars» ) DENA used a fair number of times throughout the past year or so.

Last year, every conversation I had ended with this sentence. Before I had the album, I already had the title. It’s about believing and trusting in universal connections, trusting that everything will fall into place, eventually.

“For me, this is major progress, from writing the first song for this album to this point, it’s been such a journey.”

The release of this new album is a milestone in her music career. The product of major transformations in her life and work, “If It’s Written” is a completely DIY project, having been written, produced and recorded by Dena with the help friends and artists.

Today DENA unleashes the brilliantly laid-back jam “So Wrong” featuring Sean Nicholas Savage. The track’s laid-back feel and bittersweet melody makes it a perfect track for a heat-prone sun-downer. Listen to it below…

‘If It’s Written’ will be released on September 14th, 2018 via Mansions and Millions.

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