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Belgian artists are totally leading the game these days in the altenative R&B realm. Thinking of Tsar B as I write those words on a brand new, twenty-something act named Ruby Grace that has just surfaced on our radar. A blimp that flickers with growing insistence has she releases her debut track “Lipgloss” to the world.

Ruby Grace is just 20 years-old. Her voice breaks the mould here fluttering in between pop and soul. Inspired by the late Amy Winehouse. Yet, she differs is style by incorporating her vocal delivery with great electronic pop instrumentals. Ruby Grace just recently went solo, writing and producing tracks with Pieter-Jan from Hook Studio she had met at a local festival before diving into the studio to record her material. Before that, she evolved and mastered her craft in a cover band.

I put it on
You eat it up
(Up, up, up, up)
Oehhhh ah, baby
Can’t you see
I like it?

The result is an impressive two and a half minutes that are striking with maturity, a song “for boys who love kisses and girls who love lipgloss – or just the other way around…” Listen below and don’t forget to follow her musings through her social profiles all listed further down.

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